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Vilous - Dark Clouds of The Shigu Pg 16 by mick39 Vilous - Dark Clouds of The Shigu Pg 16 by mick39
Vilous Web-comic / Web-manga 
Dark Clouds of The Shigu シーグの暗雲
Place: Reono lands
Timeline: In around 25 year of Rain-Calendar (may be changed later)

Have great hopes for Ged!
Vilous canon education - Do you want to know actual Sergal sounds? They have an avian style throat structure that gives them high pitched vocalizations, it makes sounds that are similar to deer's, fox's, or whining dog's things with bird-like tone. For example, a sergal may give a high pitched shriek when charging into combat, or make a whimpering or yapping sound when frightened.

My comic can be found on my official website and is updated Monday & Fridays.
Vilous comic/manga is made in omnibus form, for showing Vilous worldview along the history on Vilous Chronology.

If you enjoy my art, please consider supporting my art through my Patreon  below, I would be most appreciative! 

Patreon Link:

If you are looking for information on Vilous canon, please head to the Vilous Wiki:…
If you still have question after you well read Wiki, please ask our team via contact[at] Currently Mick39 will be unable to respond.

Art @ mick39
Vilous @ mick39
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